Electronic Snow Goose Callers

Snow Goose callerBrand New From the "Goosegetter"

The Goosegetter Spread Unit

Introducing the Goosegetter Spread Unit

Designed for the snow goose hunter who likes his callers out in the snow goose decoys. The Great part about the Goosegetter Spread Unit is NO MP3’s or CD players are needed. The Spread Unit plays many hours of sounds loaded on 2GB SD Memory Cards.

Features of the Goosegetter Spread Unit

No MP3, iPod or CD players are needed.
300 Watt Amplifier. Why settle for Less
Built in SD Memory Card Player. Plays many hours of sounds.
Built in USB for Memory Flash Card
Built in FM Radio with Antenna to play your favorite station while
setting decoys. Also good for FM Wireless players.
RCA inputs to play your MP3, Ipod or Personal CD players on patch cord
Mounted in small 16 inch plastic toolbox.
One Battery runs the whole setup.
Small 12volt 8 amp battery runs all my Callers all Day. Not included
Available in 2 and 4 speaker units with Goosegetter Field Speaker Stands
All Units are set up for 4 speakers

The Spread Unit includes

1-2gb Memory card with 6 Goosegetter Extended Play Sound Tracks
1-Memory card Reader for connection to your computer
1-4ft Patch cord for connection of Ipod, MP3 or CD players
50ft of 16ga speaker wire with each speaker
All you need is a 12volt battery.

2-speaker Spread Unit $275.00 Plus $15.00 shipping

4-speaker Spread Unit $365.00 Plus $20.00 shipping

Already have a Goosegetter E-Caller?
Spread Unit without speakers $175.00 Plus $15.00 Shipping
Order this fall and get a free on/off remote control FREE

Options for the Goosegetter Spread Unit.

50 yard On/Off remote control $50.00
110 volt Power supply adapter when electricity is available $30.00

Order a Spread Unit now and get a free on/off remote control FREE $50 Value
I can take Mastercard, Visa and PayPal.
Give me a call 402 463-6500

Now Available From A Very special Edition of the Snow Bait- "Seven Deadly Snows" produced for Goosegetter.Com on SD Memory Cards. The Seven Deadly Snows SD Card has 7 Tracks that are 30 minutes long and designed to be played on the NEW Goosegetter Spread Unit. These are the Best of the Best. The Special Edition Snow Bait is as good as it gets. Special Edition Snow Bait-Seven Deadly Snows is produced by Lee Kendall of Snow Goose Gear and available only from Goosegetter in High Definition MP3.

Snow Bait-"Seven Deadly Snows" Sounds on SD Memory Cards $35.00

7-30 minute Tracks from the Snow Bait and Snow Reaper - David Glass - 1406 Heritage Dr. - Hastings, NE 68901 - (402) 463-6500

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