Goose Getter Spread Ecaller Unit




Designed for the snow goose hunter by a snow goose hunter. Just put it out in your spread and let it go. The Great part about the Goosegetter Spread Unit is NO MP3’s or CD players are needed. The Spread Unit plays many hours of sounds loaded on 2GB Mini Flash Drive.

This 12 volt 8 amp Battery will run the Goosegetter Caller for 20 hours non-stop. Also will fit in the box. You can buy this battery on Ebay or Amazon for around $18.00. I do not sell this battery but it works Great with my callers. You will need a small trickle charger for 12 Volt.
RCA inputs to play your MP3, Ipod or Personal CD players on patch cord
Mounted in small 16 inch plastic to

Features of the Goosegetter Spread Unit

  • Volume and track changes are manually controled in box. This unit does not have a remote control.
    “No” MP3, iPod or CD players are needed.
  • 200 + Watt Amplifier
  • Unit Plays sounds from Mini Flash Drive. Plays many hours of sounds.
  • Built in USB for Memory Flash Card
  • Built in FM Radio with Antenna to play your favorite station while setting decoys. Also good for FM Wireless players.

The Spread Ecaller Unit includes

  • 1-2gb Mini Flash Drive with 6 Goosegetter Extended Play 50 minute Sound Tracks Recorded in 2 channel High Definition – Different sounds from each side.
  • 1-Memory card Reader for connection to your computer
  • 1-4ft Patch cord for connection of Ipod, MP3 or CD players
  • 50ft of 16ga speaker wire with each speaker
  • All you need is a battery.


2-speaker Spread Unit $295.00
4-speaker Spread Unit $385.00

Already have a Goosegetter E-Caller?
Spread Unit without speakers $190.00 Plus $15.00 Shipping

Additional information

Speaker Options

2 Speakers, 4 Speakers, No Speakers


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